Why Logo Design is a Crucial Facet of any Effective Brand (or Rebrand) Campaign

Just as phrases like “clothes make the man” and “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” might indicate, appearances are extremely important in this very visual world in which we live. And that’s not merely the case for individuals, but businesses, as well. Whereas a person heading to an interview might make sure they are properly attired, with not a single hair out of place – a business will also want to put their best face forward for what they hope will one day become their adoring public. A great looking store front or office environment is one essential element, as are smiling employees – but to really grab their attention from the get-go and create a visual go-to image in their minds, a company will want to employ a professionally designed, well thought out logo to identify itself.

Why should I pay a company to design a logo for me?

Just like you wouldn’t trust yourself to tackle a salon-quality haircut on your own, for best results you shouldn’t try to tackle logo design, either – unless you happen to have an artistic eye paired with a degree and several years of experience in graphic design. Much like your stylist, a marketing agency that specializes in brand development can become your very best friend in this instance. They can help you identify all of the elements that will go into the creation of an eye-catching, brand identifying logo – complete with artwork, font and color selection. After all, this is a big deal – the end result will appear on all of your marketing materials, your website, your store front and more.

What colors should I select for my logo?

The colors you select for your logo – and the colors that will become part of your brand guide for future marketing materials – should say something about your company and all for which it stands. According to Pantone – THE authority on color for the fashion and design industries – much like words, colors carry meaning and can affect perceptions. The same holds true for tone, vibrancy and color combinations. For instance, red is often considered a power color – indicating love, passion a
nd fire, while blue is soothing, tranquil and cool. Green is often linked to growth, life and (of course) money, and yellow means sunshine, happiness and warmth. The psychology of colors is wide-reaching – and a professional design house can help you find the right colors to identify your brand and evoke certain emotions from your audience.

What’s the best way to pick a font for my logo?

A font can also say a lot about your company. A bold font marked by strong, straight lettering could indicate that you are trustworthy and powerful, while a soft font marked by graceful lines might declare that your company is sophisticated and fashionable. A playful script might say to your audience, “We’re fun – come play with us!”

What is logotype vs logomark, and which one is right for me?

A logotype features the name of a business that is designed to stand out on its own. Some highly recognizable examples of this are Coca-Cola, Google, Disney, eBay and FedEx. A logomark is a stand-alone, company-identifying symbol such as the Nike swoosh, the Apple apple, the Target target and the NBC peacock. Sometimes, you’ll see a combination of the two – like the Starbuck’s mermaid with the familiar “Starbuck’s Coffee” typeface encircling her, the Chick-fil-A logo marked with a chicken likeness in the “C” and the popular potato chip logo with the man in a bow-tie – the word Pringles emblazoned upon it. A very good branding agency will come up with several options from which you can choose.

What if I already have a logo?Blog_Logos_new

Good for you!  Now ask yourself… do you LOVE your logo?  Is it still fresh and exciting?  Does your target audience respond to it?  If you answered “No” to one or more of the aforementioned questions, it may be time for a rebranding campaign. Even the largest companies in the world have undergone a rebranding at one point or another. Kentucky Fried Chicken overhauled their look – and name – in 2006 to a more updated “KFC” with the likeness of the Colonel for a cool retro feel. In 2008, retail giant Walmart took its former navy blue Wal(star)Mart logo and transformed it with a more vibrant blue, shifted the star to the end and replaced it with a yellow starburst. A seasoned design house that lists branding among its directory of services can tweak your current logo to something that will resonate with your customers – old and new!

Atlanta-based marketing agency – Woodall Creative Group – not only excels at logo design and full-blown brand development campaigns, our skilled team can also assist you with the creation of collateral materials and a public relations plan to unveil your new logo to the world (or at the very least, the city where your company is based)! To schedule a meeting to discuss your new logo design, call the Woodall Creative team at 706-658-0244, send a query via e-mail to design@woodallcreative.com or fill out our convenient online contact form. To view our full list of services and “meet the team,” visit us at www.woodallc.wpengine.com.