Fall (Back) in Love With Your Brand.

Build a Brand Story You Believe In… And Your Customers Will Follow.

All great brand stories involve a love affair of sorts. Entrepreneurs with a burning passion for the work they were doing, product they were making or service they were providing launched companies that could withstand the test of time. A young Henry Ford’s fascination with taking watches apart and putting them back together again would one day give birth to the Ford Motor Company® and the assembly line technique of mass production that is still used in manufacturing today. A cook named Harland Sanders scratched the names of 12 herbs and spices into the back of his kitchen door, perfected a recipe for fried chicken that he first sold out of a roadside restaurant in Kentucky, adopted the name Colonel Sanders and launched a company that now boasts over 20,500 KFC® restaurants in more than 125 countries around the world. We could go on and on about pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton and his invention of Coca-Cola® or how two guys named Steve (Jobs and Wozniak) built a computer in a garage, never dreaming that the company they created – Apple, Inc.® – would one day boast one of the most recognizable logos on the planet and a net worth of $752 billion (and rising.) Every company has a (brand) story to tell, so make sure yours is a good one!

Whether you are the founder of the company, the experienced marketing manager or newly hired, it’s important to not only LOVE the brand with which you’re associated, but to also BELIEVE in it.

If you’re a seasoned veteran at the company, at one time – likely in the very beginning – there was a fire in your belly and a skip in your step every time you went to work. You want your customers to feel that same sense of excitement when they go to buy your product or service – whether it’s a hamburger, wrinkle cream, ticket for a cruise or sports car. If your company doesn’t have a brand story (or the current one isn’t a brand story that you LOVE), get to the root of what inspired your company’s creation and all of the special moments that fueled its evolution. Use that to inspire your brand story – from the copy on your website, the text inside a brochure, the words your salesforce utters… even down to the colors, typeface and images you use in all of your marketing efforts. Then use that brand story to sell an EXPERIENCE rather than a service, market a LIFESTYLE rather than a product.

A well-conceived and compelling brand story can give your company purpose and vision, while aiding in its position and perception in the marketplace. At Woodall Creative Group, we dive deep to learn everything we can about the clients we serve to make sure their brand story is serving them well. If it isn’t, we can help them rebrand the company by developing a brand story that is SO GOOD it will make them fall back in love with their company, the products/services they sell and the customers they serve… and vice-versa! Once the new brand story is in place, our team can help plot out a strategic marketing plan to get the word out about all of the exciting changes.

Ask yourself… Do you love your company’s brand story? If not, it’s time to start brainstorming a new one with Woodall Creative Group!

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