2019 Marketing Trends

The world of advertising and marketing is an ever-changing animal, evolving at faster rates than ever witnessed before as marketers continue to explore the vast expanse of the digital landscape. For that reason (and many others), it’s wise to stay on top of the trends when developing your strategic planning from one year to the next. Since the New Year is particularly NEW, it’s the perfect time to take a peek at a few of the hottest marketing trends that will be ruling the business world over the course of the coming months… and years. The future is NOW and if you’re not already incorporating the following tools to your marketing arsenal, you may want to seriously consider what they could do for your company’s brand in 2019 and beyond…

  1. Traditional Advertising Gives Way to Influencers and Content Marketing: While it seems there will always be a place for traditional advertising, the move towards connecting with influencers and having them connect with your target audience continues to gain steam. Brands will team up with celebrities, YouTubers and bloggers to gain a little clout and credibility. Content marketing is another way of positioning your company and/or product as a must have. Develop and distribute relevant content consistently – not just on your own website, but also on others as a guest contributor. Editors of online publications are often on the lookout for great content that allows them to share new insights with their readers. If done properly, content marketing can not only position your company for success, but it can also position its leadership members (for whom the content can be ghost-written, if needed) as industry experts. Pair those two things with the ever-growing love affair consumers have with social media and you’ve got a recipe for success for digital marketing in 2019.
  2. A Personal Touch Trumps Technology: Although automation has made life SO much easier for countless marketers, it’s important that your brand retains is unique “voice” and dedication to the customer experience. A more conversational tone in content marketing, email marketing and social media paired with tactics geared toward engagement will aid in this, as will a dedicated effort to balance the somewhat impersonal nature of automation by putting a human face on your company whenever possible – through face-to-face interactions and phone calls to webinars, speaking engagements and experiential marketing.
  3. Voice Search is Surging: While the phrase “Google it!” remains entirely viable, the calls for Alexa, Siri and Cortana to search for our most burning queries are rapidly rising. By 2020, ComScore estimates that 50% of all search-based queries will be made by voice. And since people tend to speak differently than they might text, this is another important reason to begin infusing a more conversational tone to your copywriting. You’ll also want to think like your target audience, begin researching the most common searches related to your industry/services/product line, and start creating cornerstone content that will begin leading your target audience TO YOU.
  4. Amplify Your UI experience with Chatbots: Of course, chatbots are nothing new, but the way they interface with website visitors is evolving. Again, a more conversational tone comes into play as more and more companies are using chatbots to not only act as data collectors and to encourage engagement, but also as a friendly extension of their brand image. Research comes into play once more as you try to predict the conversations your guests might want to have with your chatbot – including the questions they might ask and the pleasant responses they will receive. If done properly, it will amplify your UI experience AND enhance your guest’s customer service experience – aiding in conversions from prospect to viable consumer.
  5. Creativity is (STILL) King: As the internet becomes an ever-increasingly busy marketplace – with more and more competitors vying for the same target audience – the need to find new ways to stand out is potentially greater than ever before. Creativity and innovation serve as the barkers on the sidewalks of old – beckoning potential customers to “step inside” your website and see what’s new. Video is currently one of the most powerful tools in your creativity arsenal – particularly video that provides “news they can use” and something they are likely to share with others. White papers are another terrific tool – once again, research is your friend when trying to gain insight to your target audience’s collective mindset – helping you to predict what they might want most to learn about. You can also combine the two concepts for the development of a webinar. The point is, it’s vital to be proactive in the enhancement of your content in such a way that will consistently DRIVE traffic to your website AND keep them there.

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