Kid Orange Tech
Early Education Rollout

As the exclusive dealer of to the early education market, Kid Orange Tech partnered with Woodall Creative Group to develop a strategic campaign that would not only ATTRACT new business, but also encourage buy-in from parents and teachers to use the website both in the classroom and at home to maximize its benefits for young children.

ABC Mouse

Founded in 2007, Early Learning Academy is a subscription-based digital education program for children ages 2–8. Accessible via website or mobile app, the Academy’s subjects include reading, math, science, social studies, music, and art. Kid Orange Tech is the exclusive dealer of to the early education market.

Woodall Creative Group was tasked with a two-pronged marketing initiative: 1) to design a campaign to intrigue new schools to get involved, and 2) to create a roll-out kit and campaign to get parents involved at home in order to extend the learning beyond the classroom. In addition to tangible kits with print materials, posters, stickers and more, WCG designed a series of digital campaign elements such as e-blasts and social media posts targeted at both schools and parents.