Cultura Industries OneSource Rollout Campaign

Cultura Industries had created a new product for the agribusiness arena and sought a creative way to introduce it to potential clients and successfully roll it out industry-wide. Because the company already had a front-end software solution that was known to its initial target customer base and this new software primarily addressed the “back-end,” Woodall Creative Group suggested that it might “fill the gap” for users. Thus, the “Feel the Gap, Fill the Gap” campaign was created.

From more than a dozen offices worldwide, Cultura Technologies is a leader in the provision of agribusiness software solutions. Its comprehensive suite of proven solutions simplify data management, streamline processes, and improve business analysis and decision making.

“Feel the Gap, Fill the Gap” involved a 12-week campaign that boasted multiple cross-platform touches to a targeted audience of potential software users. Among those touches were emails, direct mail pieces, webinar and online video.