By assembling a diverse group of experienced individuals who offer a broad range of talents, Woodall Creative Group has become the premier “one stop shop” for any company or organization that wishes to develop and promote a persuasive brand story. Through all stages of concept, design and final delivery, we have the expertise and resources to effectively integrate all of your marketing into one consistent brand image. In developing your strategy, we feel that planning is crucial to establishing a results-oriented program. We listen carefully to your visions and challenges, study your competitors, map out a marketing plan and then implement each element through our specific 4-step process:

  • Education – Extensive research of your company, your competitors and your target audience to discover the best strategy, message and modes of delivery
  • Imagination – Fun and energetic brainstorming sessions with the Woodall Creative Group team to fine-tune the plan
  • Innovation – Utilization of technology and creative marketing practices to deliver that message to your target audience
  • Implementation – The exciting execution of your overall marketing plan to help weave your brand story

The entire team at Woodall Creative Group finds great joy in working closely with our clients. Whether you need a single project or a full marketing program, we invite you to collaborate with our graphic design artists, writers, web designers, and idea generators to determine the best brand image and messaging to fit your one-of-a-kind company.

As a full-service design house, creative design is at the heart of everything we do. It truly inspires and motivates us. Even though we consider ourselves to be consummate artists to the core, we don’t merely design for the sake of design itself. Instead a great deal of strategy goes into the creation, selection and placement of every word and image. As a result, Woodall Creative Group brings together the best in design, creativity and vision to create award-winning designs that are unique and effective. Included among them are:
Included among them are:
Logos • Marketing Materials • Collateral Materials • Custom Publications • Online Communications • Promotional Items • And More!

For many companies today, a website is their No. 1 tool for conveying their unique brand image – followed closely behind by a mobile site. Having visually stunning, easy-to-navigate, and regularly updated web and mobile sites are vital components of doing business in the modern marketplace. In order to reinforce your brand image, your web and mobile sites should complement the appearance and messaging throughout all of your company’s marketing and advertising vehicles (and vice versa). Woodall Creative Group combines innovative design, creativity and functionality while utilizing cutting-edge technology to create web and mobile sites that drive traffic, generate revenue, and solidify your online brand image – ultimately elevating you far above the competition.

To enhance your marketing campaign and brand image further, Woodall Creative Group can design a tactical online promotion comprised of innovative digital tools such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, e-newsletters, and more.

Public Relations
A well-executed public relations plan can further enhance your brand image, raise awareness of your company’s purpose, build credibility of your company’s position in the industry, and motivate your audience to action. Press releases, speaking engagements, educational forums and special events can all serve as valuable tools to augment your marketing plan through Woodall Creative Group.

Promotional Items
Specialty and promotional items allow you to showcase your brand identity in a fun and memorable way. In promoting your business, we believe it is important to go beyond the typical promotional items to create unique and inventive ways to keep your company’s name in your customer’s minds.

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